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Conference and Journal Papers

A Structured Review of Data Management Technology for Interactive Visualization and Analysis
Leilani Battle, Carlos Scheidegger
InfoVis 2020
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Kyrix-S: Authoring Scalable Scatterplot Visualizations of Big Data
Wenbo Tao, Xinli Hou, Adam Sah, Leilani Battle, Remco Chang and Michael Stonebraker
InfoVis 2020
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Database Benchmarking for Supporting Real-Time Interactive Querying of Large Data
Leilani Battle, Philipp Eichmann, Marco Angelini, Carsten Binnig, Tiziana Catarci, Jean-Daniel Fekete, Giuseppe Santucci, Dominik Moritz, Yukun Zheng
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Debugging Database Queries: A Survey of Tools, Techniques, and Users
Sneha Gathani, Peter Lim, Leilani Battle
CHI 2020
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A Provenance Task Abstraction Framework
Christian Bors, John Wenskovitch, Michelle Dowling, Simon Attfield, Leilani Battle, Alex Endert, Olga Kulyk, and Robert S. Laramee
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications (Volume 39, Issue 6, Nov.-Dec. 1 2019)
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The Role of Latency and Task Complexity in Predicting Visual Search Behavior
Leilani Battle, R. Jordan Crouser, Audace Nakeshimana, Ananda Montoly, Remco Chang, and Michael Stonebraker
InfoVis 2019
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Smile: A System to Support Machine Learning on EEG Data at Scale
Lei Cao, Wenbo Tao, Sungtae An, Jing Jin, Yizhou Yan, Xiaoyu Liu, Wendong Ge, Adam Sah, Leilani Battle, Jimeng Sun, Remco Chang, Brandon Westover, Samuel Madden, and Michael Stonebraker
VLDB 2019
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Characterizing Exploratory Visual Analysis: A Literature Review and Evaluation of Analytic Provenance in Tableau
Leilani Battle and Jeffrey Heer
EuroVis 2019
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Kyrix: Interactive Pan/Zoom Visualizations at Scale
Wenbo Tao, Xiaoyu Liu, Yedi Wang, Leilani Battle, Çagatay Demiralp, Remco Chang, and Michael Stonebraker
EuroVis 2019
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Beagle: Automated Extraction and Interpretation of Visualizations from the Web
Leilani Battle, Peitong Duan, Zachery Miranda, Dana Mukusheva, Remco Chang, and Michael Stonebraker
CHI 2018
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Workshop Papers

Leveraging Human Learning in Interactive Data Exploration
Sanad Saha, Arash Termehchy, and Leilani Battle
CAST 2019
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Evaluating Visual Data Analysis Systems: A Discussion Report
Leilani Battle, Marco Angelini, Carsten Binnig, Tiziana Catarci, Philipp Eichmann, Jean-Daniel Fekete, Giuseppe Santucci, Michael Sedlmair and Wesley Willett
HILDA 2018
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Position statement: The case for a visualization performance benchmark
Leilani Battle, Remco Chang, Jeffrey Heer, and Michael Stonebraker
DSIA Workshop 2017 (co-located with VIS 2017)
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